Vehonitor was Built to Assure Compliance
and Unlock the Benefits of SAP for EHSM


We’re different by design. The product of nearly two decades helping Specialty Chemical and Oil and Gas companies with EHSM compliance, and specializing in ERP – SAP advisory, today our expertise and solutions are invaluable difference-makers for clients in almost every industry. We see it differently, combining SAP technical development experience with first-hand operational expertise, believing that SAP, more than simply ERP, is a treasure trove of hidden benefits beyond assuring regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility.

Taking this more holistic view reveals both the challenges and the opportunities available, and we’ve crafted what we believe is a superior, a more nimble, cost-effective, customized approach. Vehonitor is conceived to streamline compliance giving you peace of mind and then going much farther: Safer for people, environmentally responsible, yielding improved products, operational efficiencies, and productivity gains, ROI, and stronger brands.

Our streamlined process is customer-centric and founded on personal service, customized solutions, and rapid response. Call or email and you’ll hear from us in hours, not days. Our pledge is a better experience with clearly defined objectives, transparency, accountability and a commitment that a promise made is a promise kept. We love what we do and look forward to talking with and creating a smart, scalable, sustainable ROI-generating solution.